Peterborough STEM Festival was conceived and founded by the organisers of Digital People in Peterborough. We are proud to be a part of Peterborough’s digital community. It has always been our intention to extend beyond our popular monthly social meetings to provide events and workshops to help promote and encourage collaboration within the community.

The STEM festival is an extension of our mission to inspire young people and encourage them into considering a career within digital, whether it is as a coder, writer, marketeer or designer.

Our involvement with Ada Lovelace Day gave us an opportunity to bring an event that showcases Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to everyone.

With the help of our supportive friends at DPiP (also known as the STEM A-team) and the generous sponsors we hope that this STEM festival will be the first of many to take place in Peterborough.

Jonathan, Andy and Liz
Co-organisers of Peterborough STEM Festival.