How to make slime from Peterborough STEM Festival 2017


The following post assumes that you are attempting this under the supervision of a responsible adult.

Following on from our very popular slime making station at STEMFest on 1st October 2017, here is the method that we found worked best for us.

There are various ingredients you can use and many methods involve the use of borax. While it is generally considered safe, some people may react to it so please be sure to do a check to ensure it is suitable for you. You can Google borax and make your own decision before attempting the steps below.

So, based on (lots and lots) of trial and error, here is our best recipe for making homemade slime:

What you need:

Plastic pots or tubs (yoghurt cartons work well)
1 wooden lollipop stick or plastic teaspoon (for mixing)
1 teaspoon (for measuring)
1 tablespoon (for measuring)
PVA craft glue (we used PVA glue from The Range)
Saline solution or table salt and water well diluted
Sodium Borate (Borax and water well diluted – can be purchased online)
Shaving foam, Baby lotion, Baby oil, foam beads and glitter (optional)


1. Pour a 1cm height sized blob of glue into 1 pot/tub.
2. In a second pot, pour half a teaspoon of salt and dilute with 3 tablespoons of water. Mix well to dilute solution.
3. Using a teaspoon, pour a half a teaspoon of the salt solution into the pot with the glue. Mix well.
4. In a third pot dilute half a teaspoon of borax with an almost full tub of water. Mix well to dissolve the borax into the water.
5. Using a teaspoon, drop a few drops of the diluted borax onto the glue.
6. Start mixing well, the glue should start to thicken almost immediately. Keep mixing!
7. Add another few drop of borax and keep mixing! The trick is to add a tiny amount of borax at a time. You should only need to add no more than a teaspoon of borax in total for this recipe.
8. Your mixture should now to super sticky and come together to form a ball. Keep mixing until it has all combined. It will still be very sticky to touch.
9. If you find that your slime is still too sticky You can also use a little amount of shaving cream, baby oil, lotion or corn flour to help make it less sticky.
10. Now you can colour or add texture with foam beads or glitter!

You should now be able to handle the slime and work it by kneading and forming it with your finger tips, the more you work it the smoother and less sticky it should become. If you want to keep it, store it in a airtight container.

Congratulations, you’ve just made your own slime! Be sure to post your comments and any photos of your experiments and tag us @pborostemfestival.

(Please note: this is all about experimentation and seeing how different materials react to each other. It took us nearly six attempts before we got the ‘right’ slime consistency! So keep trying with different ingredients and HAVE FUN under the supervision of a responsible adult.)

There is a non-borax method that you can also try, although we found that borax gave the best result.