Meet our speakers: Katie Hassell

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Katie is a Senior Spacecraft Thermal Engineer at Airbus Defence & Space. She joined the company in 2011 on the graduate scheme and has worked on a variety of different projects including: EarthCARE, Lisa Pathfinder, PLATO and Solar Orbiter. For her undergraduate degree, she read Physics at the University of Warwick. After a few years of working in Local Authority roles, Katie returned to university for a Masters in Aerospace Engineering at Brunel University, to get her to the role she is in now. In addition to being an engineer, Katie is an active STEM ambassador, looking after school engagement activities for Stevenage and Portsmouth site and taking part in lots of activities.

“As a thermal engineer, I work with lots of people to understand what the spacecraft is made of, how it will be used and what orbit it will be in. From there, I make computer models to understand the temperatures of different parts and look at ways of making things hotter or colder so that everything stays safe.”

Random Fact
I play cello in a few orchestras and have performed in 15 concerts this year.

Talk Title
Not too hot and not too cold

Job Title
Senior Spacecraft Thermal Engineer

Airbus Defence & Space