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Build cool stuff.
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Cross-functional. This is not just for the IT crowd. Open to all ages. We will bring together people from across all disciplines to encourage different ways of solving a problem. STEMFest2016 Make-a-thon

Who is the make-a-thon for?

Participants can include coders, designers, musicians and storytellers. You must have some coding experience and oodles of enthusiasm.

What is the challenge?

Working on broad STEM themes and topics we will ask participants to solve a problem or challenge with an STEM/sustainability twist such as:

– Monitoring energy consumption in a house
– Wildlife monitoring systems
– Automated cost / mile for car vs public transport system.

The format

During the festival day we are looking to run two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Each session will last 2.5-3 hours.

We will allow registration of 9 teams per session, each team can have up to 4 members . Up to 36 people per session.

Come along with your team members or be allocated to a team on the day.

The tools required

Each participant will have access to a Pi-topCEED with Raspberry Pi3.

Each team will be allocated with sensors and robotic kits.


We will be judging team submissions based on criterias which will be confirmed on the day such as “Most complete vision”, “Most ambitious plan”, “Best teamwork”, “Most likely to be bought by venture capitalists”, “Best execution” with awards given out per session. Judging will be based on a score-sheet ‘science-fair’ format.

Judges’ decisions are final and binding, and the judging panel is subject to change at the
discretion of the organisers.

We have prizes being donated by the lovely people at Pi-Top, Pi-Hut and Pimoroni.

Meet the judges

Marc Scott
Head of Curriculum
Raspberry Pi Foundation

Marc started out as a Science teacher and used to write all his lesson resources in Markdown and host them on GitHub. Author of ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Coding‘.

Marc will be taking part in a book signing session during the day. It will be the perfect opportunity for you to meet the author and get your own personalised copy of his book!

Paul Curry
Editorial Developer

Paul has launched planes from space, built nationwide WiFi platforms, and is featured in the Google Web Security Hall of Fame.

Rachel Raynes
Programme Manager
Raspberry Pi Foundation

Rachel’s background is in lens based media, creative learning and general lifehackery. Upon graduating Rachel founded Soup Lab: a gallery, co-op project space and motion picture film lab interested in how old and new technologies can work together.
Rachel now focuses on how to introduce new people to Digital Making through creative projects.