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What better way to engage with our visiting STEM Adventurers and their families than introducing them to coding and tech through a workshop.

Whether it be Raspberry Pi, Scratch or even Minecraft, our past workshop areas have been hugely popular throughout the day.

We encourage a rock-up-and-have-a-go process of eithed timed sessions (ie. every half hour) or whenever a seat is free to maximise the number of participants on the day so wait time is limited. We’ve seen a great number of parents and grandparents getting involved too in helping their youngsters through the sessions and sparks made to carry on the learning at home.

If you’re interested in taking part this year, please complete the form below and we’ll get back to you or if you have any general enquiries first, get in touch via the contact page.

Is the person named above the main contact on the day?

About the workshop

This will appear on the website and any PR.
What will participants be doing?, please try and keep it to no more than 300 characters.
Which field/fields does your workshop suit best?
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Please explain what layout you'd prefer eg. individual tables with 2 chairs, tables only?
Do you require any specialist equipment? We will try our best to accommodate your request, however we can’t make any guarantees.

The day

We encourage all workshops to be a of the roll-up and have a go kind, so please select weather it's open for participants to come along at any time or at specific times during the day. ie. every hour.

Legal stuff

Please download and complete this Risk Assessment Template (Word document) and include it in your application or upload your own.
Please provide a copy of your PLI insurance details. You will not be permitted to run a workshop at the festival without adequate cover. Word documents or PDFs only.
Legal small print Gump they agree too.