Suitable for all ages

Roll up, roll up, come visit the fantastical Polypeptide Carnival where you will find out all about the wonderful world of DNA and proteins. Test your skills at our carnival stands to discover how and why proteins are so important to every aspect of our lives and how scientific databases help scientists make big discoveries!

Visitors will have an opportunity to participate in 3 carnival themed activities to learn more about DNA and proteins. "Pick a Protein" explores the function of bogies in our nose and how these are a fundamental part of our immune system to keep us alive. "Quackers for Proteins" takes a fun twist on Hook a Duck where visitors will be able to explore using a scientific database to choose a protein duck that need to find in our hook a duck game. Finally, there will be a “Mutate a Race” computer game where friends and family can compete as different animals and learn how different adaptations suit different environments in a race to the finish line! There will also be a host of paper-based activities where visitors will learn more about DNA and its importance in all living things.