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2024 Speakers

Dr Sam Gregson

Dr Sam Gregson is a passionate science educator, speaker and science entertainer who in 2019 put on a fantastic show for our STEM Adventurers and we are excited to have him back!

2024 Exhibitors

StoryTime: Exploring Seeds

StoryTime uses a picture book to engage with young children, followed by a hands on activity looking at different shapes and sizes of seeds, French bean seed germination and seed dispersal methods.

Autophagy Obtacle Course

Race through your cells as you discover how the building blocks of your body recycles old and damaged parts! Have a go at our obstacle course and see how fast you can carry out autophagy (the name of the process that cells of your body carry out) on each of our two routes.

The Average Scientist

Mini talks rolling throughout the day, 20 min sessions once per hour. Other hub activities such as meet and chat to our Scientists, learn about black holes, the solar system and exoplanet hunting.

Peterborough CoderDojo

Peterborough CoderDojo is a free coding club for children aged 7-17 based at Orton library. Come and try one of our taster activities, or find out about volunteering!

Cambridge Hands-On Science

Ever wondered what sound looks like, how a rocket works, or what’s inside your body? Come find out how fun science is with our hands-on experiments!

Polypeptide Carnival

Roll up, roll up, come visit the fantastical Polypeptide Carnival where you will find out all about the wonderful world of DNA and proteins. Test your skills at our carnival stands to discover how and why proteins are so important to every aspect of our lives and how scientific databases help scientists make big discoveries!

Reading Monsters

Magic Painting is a brilliant no mess activity for kids - simply fill up the water pen and paint water on the sheets and wait for the magical pictures to appear! Is this art or science?

Please note that all exhibitors and speakers may be subject to change.